Care assistants with good English.

      • We will provide you with a traveling plan to Leeds and place you in a hotel for one week;
      • We will provide breakfast and evening meals;
      • We will conduct the Care Induction Standard course:

CIS standards

        • Health and Safety
        • Risk Assessment
        • Moving and Handling Theory
        • Moving and Handling Practical
        • Moving and Handling Assessment
        • First Aid Awareness
        • Medication Administration
        • CoSHH
        • Infection Control
        • Hand Hygiene
        • Fire Training (including drills)
        • Nutrition and Diet
        • Food Hygiene

After successfully completing the course we will issue you with certificates.

    • We will provide (once) your uniform for work (this excludes shoes);
    • We will apply for a valid criminal check in the UK (POVA / CRB);
    • We will help you find permanent accommodation;
    • We will help you open a UK bank account;
    • We will advise you as a self-employed;
    • We will provide care and personal assistance insurance;
    • We will also provide you with a work placement 6-12 months at minimum rate of £6.50 per hour so
      you can improve your English skills;
    • You will work at least 35 hours per week and if you wish, you can work overtime;
    • You will need to provide us with your CV on our template. (this we will send you once we have
      accepted your application);
    • On arrival in the UK, you will need to provide 2 written references and police (Criminal record), and
      health (Medical record) checks, translated into English by an authorized translator (company
      letterhead with official stamp and signature);
    • Also, you must have a minimum of £300 that will help you meet the cost of travel from the airport to
      Leeds, from Leeds to placement and food for 14 days before you receive your first salary;
    • You will be bound by the amount of £20 per week to cover costs incurred to you for our services
      including; an English course, transport, accommodation and meals. You agree that the above
      amount can be deducted from your salary in equal weekly installments of £20 for a period of 50