About Us

Expertians is an independent company established in early 2013 with a number of license № 1640 / 31.10.2013. The establishment is the natural response to a rapidly growing and providing new opportunities niche and offer additional benefits for all customers who using our service.

Considering the fundamental difference in the nature of the services offered in this industry, we decided to tackle an ambitious task to not only provide quality programs through which our participants to gain valuable work experience in other countries, but also to become a referent for quality, reliability and safety of our company.

Dynamic, responsible, hard, tense, but also interesting, challenging, inspiring and supporting great personal and professional satisfaction. Such is the work of people tasked to support the launch, organization and successful delivery of some really useful service for our customers.

Expertians understand that innovation, quality and development are an integral part of the competitiveness of any company operating on the international market. We apply rigorous standards for quality of service in order to provide our customers with better programs and services. Thanks to the implementation of this strategy, we are confident that we can offer services of the highest international level.

It is our pleasure to be in favor of people in Bulgaria.

It is our ambition to support their desires happen.

The company is registered with the Commission for Personal Data Protection with ID: 388008